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What is That ?


TOUT EST CLEAN ! - Service Vouchers Company



The service voucher is a system subsidized by the Federal government allowing to individuals to have a worker on a certified business for the execution of housework at their place of residence or out of it.


The service voucher is also a payment cheque issued by Sodexo company.


There are service vouchers on paper and electronic service vouchers.


From the 1st of january 2014 , its value is set at € 9, which corresponds to an hour worked. Each individual has the right to acquire up to 400 vouchers per year at € 9 plus 100 vouchers per year at € 10.

If you are married, you can spread the purchase of service vouchers on both names and order in total 800 service vouchers + 200 at €10.


The vouchers which are purchased at € 9 each, cost, after deduction € 6.30. 


As for the worker, he/she is paid according to the legal standard in force and therefore enjoys a real salary.


Services for Seniors


Practical help to stay at home.

A reassuring presence.

A real difference with the nursing home.

This assistance is available through authorized legal service vouchers, namely:

- a safety walk while performing domestic shopping,

- a good time of sharing and conviviality while preparing meals,

- a friendly presence will help the Senior in achieving its light housekeeping.

Warning: medical cares are not provided.



Tout est Clean- Service Vouchers Company


A to Z for getting a home help and your service vouchers


>> Sign in at Tout est Clean to get a home help : 


No paperwork, OUR ADMINISTRATORS take care of everything!

If you wish, you can contact our administrators who will take note of your request and will proceed to your free registration.


We offer this service without any fees, so do not hesitate to contact us!

Contact us by phone at 0495224151 or 0472349043

As an authorised company, we do all the necessary:


  > the establishment of the service 

  > contract, the selection or the take back of your home help 

 >  the establishment of his/her contract of employment 

 >  staff administration 

 >  insurances 

 >    etc.... 

Before you register, you must choose between service vouchers on paper or electronic


 >Register with Sodexo to get service vouchers : 

 >By calling Sodexo at 0032 (0)2/547 54 95 

 >By filling in the online Sodexo form 


==> As soon as you will receive your user number, you will only have to order your service vouchers.




With your user number sent by Sodexo, you can now order your service vouchers by bank transfer to one of the Sodexo bank accounts of your choice:



CBCBE85 7320 1619 4506CREGBEBB

KBCBE11 7330 4533 9648KREDBEBB

INGBE16 3101 9595 8274BBRUBEBB


Deutsche BankBE78 8260 0217 9786DEUTBEBE

Banque de la PosteBE77 0003 2568 1742BPOTBEB1



==> IMPORTANT: The minimum order is 10 service vouchers (90 €) and a multiple of 9 €. Only your user number (sent by Sodexo) must be written in the structured communication of your bank transfer.


The team of Tout est Clean.



We Iron for you !

If your home help irons for more than an hour per week, it is more interesting for you to use the services of our ironing center.

#1. Iron work

Either you bring your laundry to our workshop in Woluwe Saint Lambert (Brussels) and you can come back and pick it up 48 hours later.

#3. Business Services

#2. Delivery work

Or you opt for our delivery service: we pick your laundry in your home and we bring it back once ironed 72 hours later. This option is available if the quantity of laundry waiting to be ironed in our workshop is 2 hours of ironing.

Yes, We Can! An ironing service for your employees will benefit the employer:


  • This service will allow you to install social values ??with your staff, a service more and more appreciated by workers.

  • The goal is to increase the well being of your staff and allow it to have more time and less stress. 

  • Have the employees to even work and family life ...

Who does what? 

Employer side: No change in your habits! No charge! 

We only ask: 


  • Promote your business in an internal communication to employees. 

       (Paper prepared by us). 

  • Have at our disposal a room or other ... for the removal and deposition of ironed laundry. 

Employee side: 

  • Register and get service voucher via the website SODEXO. 


  • Place washed and dried clothes in the dedicated room. 


  • Collect clothes in the same room. 


   Give us the service voucher that corresponds to the number of hours of work. 

Why working with us ?




The Tout est Clean management team professionally employs over 100 housekeepers in a friendly work atmosphere.

We are looking for reliable, motivated and hard working people.
If you have a sense of priority, organization and punctuality, apply now. 

We provide 

  • a permanent working contract following a three-month period

  • a fixed hourly salary in relation to official scale wages

  • support for travel expenses 

  • Flexible hours, based on your family situation

  • Rewarding salary

  • Social benefits

  • paid holidays

  • end-of-year bonus

  • Social protection: pension contribution, work accident insurance, health insurance and civil liability or maternity leave

  • Temporary unemployment request in case of an absent user (if no replacement is contemplated)

  • coverage for accidents in the workplace


Do you already have a customer base?

With a minimum of 20 hours of weekly services rendered, we will offer you immediately: a permanent working contract.


You are already working for another agency but you wish to change your employer?
We'll keep your hourly rate (under certain conditions).


For all new workers already with clients you present to Tout est Clean agency:
You’ll receive a €100 bonus upon the obtaining of the permanent working contract for the new worker.
The working contract must be of a minimum 19 hours per week.



  • You can contact us Monday to Friday from 8 AM to 6 PM on 0495.22.41.51 or 0472.34.90.43

  • Or mail to info@toutestclean.com


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Tel: 0495.22.41.51




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